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  • Diesel cryogenic fluid improver XY-1

    Jilin Xingyun Chemical Co., Ltd. of Jilin Chemical Group Corp. is located in one of Chinese largest chemical cities — Jilin, covering an area of 200,000 square meters with the registered capital of RMB 3000 million, total assets of RMB 500 million , and asset-liability ratio of 25% Max. The annual value reached RMB 950 million in 2010.

    The Company has been in line of twelve production facilities, more than a hundred varieties of products, such as Polyethylene Catalyst, Acrylonitrile Catalyst, Dispersant, FCC Resurrection Catalyst, Hexane, MMT, Oil refining auxiliaries, Antifreezing Fluid, Lubricant Oil, Friction-reducer for Energy Saving Additives, Fuel Oil, and Plastic Packaging Containers. The Company has four production bases located in Jilin Longtan Chemical Industry Park, Jilin Economic Development Zone, Jilin Chuanying District, and Shandong Province. The Company pays great attention to scientific and technological progress, research and development, by attempting independent innovation and sustainable development with an aggressive team of experts and professors in scientific research and management.

    The Company, being a large share holder, merged Grease Plant under Jilin Chemical Group Corporation and became a subsidiary of Jilin Chemical Group Corporation in 2004. Relying on powerful economic strength ,advanced technical equipment, the Company has developed into a well-known petrochemical company in Jilin Province through investment, mergers and asset reorganization. The company was awarded by the State and Governments at all levels for National Key High-Tec Enterprise, National Petrochemical Excellent Enterprise, Excellent Enterprise of Jilin Province in Exploitation of the Invention, Advocate in Principal Turn-over of the Top 100 Industrial Enterprise in Jilin Province, Quality Credit Enterprise in Jilin Province, Technical Center of Provincial Level in Jilin Province, S&T Enterprise in Jilin Province etc.,and one of the first enterprises that passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification in petrochemical industries of Jilin Province.

    Dispersant and Friction-reducer for Energy Saving Additives developed by the Company were listed in National Key Torch Program, which was respectively supported by the funds of technological innovation from the State Ministry of S&T and Provincial Department of S&T Commission. Dispsant TOMAL-N, for instance, not only doest it replace that made in Japan and USA, but also exported to Japan, South Korea, Nigeria, Italy, Pakistan, Singapore and other countries.

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